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Any news will be posted on this page instead of the Home page, only important things will be posted there from now on! But any other recently changing information will be posted here so be sure to check often ;)

13/10/12 - Super Splice S(Sat/Sun)...Day!

What's this? A video that is not a tutorial! :O I hope it's nice to see something different pop up on my channel, I must admit that my knowledge is still very limited so making tutorials that are not already out or clearly explained somewhere it very difficult, although what can beat watching me randomly splice some things up to bouncy background music? 

I do feel that apart from my blast of tutorials I haven't done one in a couple of weeks. I guess that's next on my extremely long list of things I need to do, I should really look over that list... But I'm just so lazy :P

I really hope you enjoy this, I didn't put a ton of effort into it (as in I didn't need to research and stuff I just did it) but I've personally watched it almost 5 times (free views! :P) and I find it really cool and fun.

And is it just me or do I seem to change this every 10 days o.O 

Thanks for watching and supporting and doing whatever you guys do and happy splicing! 

03/10/12 - Give it a little Pixel Polish

Hey guys I hope your all enjoying the harder better faster stronger cooler nicer louder (glitchier :O) videos! Also slightly longer? (He says remembering his first new video was 40 minutes long -_-). In any case these videos weren't the only thing to get an upgrade; I officially have a proper decent logo now, I have a better mic (even though atm I'm borrowing it off my friend :P), I've expanded into writing forum tutorials on The PokéCommunity Forums and I've uploaded the newer videos onto this website for whoever watches them on here!

That's not all I've got planned though, (well I've already done this stuff...) what I'm trying to say is I'm working on tuning up this site so that it just looks more personal and AdvanceMapFreaky, maybe that involved getting an entirely different domain name? Or maybe it just involves making a wicked cool top banner thingy and changing up the colours around here!

Of course if you have any ideas of what can make this site or the youtube channel or even the forum then feel free to go to the forums here and give your ideas!

I guess that's all from me, for now.

24/09/12 - Testing, testing... 123?

Huy giys itz advuncemopfrek und taday ill be dooin a videoh on hoh do muke scripzt.

Is apparently what my videos sound like. Now don't take this sarcastically, I mean it with the utmost, erm, seriousness, that I am glad with the way you commented nicely and said that my mic quality isn't the best in the world. Thank you for that, it is those same people who have made me never ever want to make a video again...

A video of that quality anyway! When I read the first comment I just though 'Meh, it's just one guy' but then I got a second comment and all hell broke loose! Needless to say the next video should come to you in gloriously decent sound quality, I hope you'll enjoy it :)

If there is any videos that are unimaginably intolerabley difficult to understand go ahead and put a comment next to it and other people like that comment and I guess I'll have to redo some videos :)

Gurd lock und heppy skruptin! 

14/09/12 - The most EPIC video I've evar made!

Is somewhere else.

I'm kidding! I absolutely love this video, it's funny, informative, just all the things advance mapping and hacking is about is expressed in these few...

40 minutes -_-

Well other than abusing the Enter button to subtly hint at my mad skills in,

Comedic timing

I actually do adore this video, I put a lot of time into research and practice, many ROMs were doomed to the abyss that is the recycle bin because of this mission, but I have finally mastered (Erm... Well...?) how to change the background :) The only downside was that it didn't work in the tutorial :( I was gutted when I saw the result. But that's what I kinda like about this video, it shows that with hacking your going to put a lot of time into something and it might not always turn right, but I guess that's how the hack crumbles :P... :|... :(... ;(

Also instead of posting a small document on how to change the background, I wrote a whole thread on PokeCommunity! I'll put a link to it on the youtube video and here: 

Good luck and Happy Background Changing! 

03/09/12 - The video that (almost) killed me off...

Yes don't worry I haven't gone under the radar again!

It just so happened that when I came back I was given a task, I haven't really explained it properly in the youtube video so I guess I'll get it off my chest here:
When I came back my mum asked if I could make a timetable for her friend, her friend owns an exercise business, so being the nice guy I am I said yeah. All of a sudden she (the friend) comes over and asks me if I'm ready to make a poster and promotional video for her! So thinking she'll just want some Windows Movie Maker style video I agreed (foolishly). Then she shows me some mental, insanely wicked video that someone else did and I told her that I might be able to do that. Still thinking she'll be satisfied with a WMM style vid she shows me her previous promotional video and (oh what a nice surprise!) it was clearly done on WMM. My face was stuck on -_- for like a day. So I started asking around and searching what program I can use to make a wicked video and I stumble across Adobe After Effects. Seeing some of the things it can do I decide it's the one for me! Now you can't exactly go typing in on youtube 'cool spinning effect on adobe after effects cs4 tutorial' so I had to stick to the basics (and the recommended/featured videos). Finally I was satisfied with the few tricks I had learnt and I set out to complete this task. After weeks I had completed the video, my mind completely shattered. Being caught up in the moment I quickly start to render the video to the desktop so I can bask in my coming freedom. Of course the curse that is my luck struck and I managed to create 6000 little photoshop files (one for each frame). Normally that wouldn't have been too big of a problem, if I had not saved it to the desktop. Of course no desktop is built to hold 6000 files, but luckily it didn't crash instantly. It was only after I started mass deleting them (about 90 at a time) when I felt the computer becoming... Hmm what's the word for it? Unresponsive. After much more research via a second computer I figured how to load it up. I could then access files but not open them or other programs. So I moved all the necessary files onto a USB and put them on another computer in which I then learnt how to render properly and finally finished off the video and sent it to her and created the little start part for uploading onto my own channel.
And after all that I was glad to have been given the opportunity to find out and use such an amazing program :)
Although she wants me to make some changes to it. >:(
I guess to be fair I'll make a couple of videos for you guys as you've waited so patiently! Thanks for the requests it really helps me know what you guys want to learn. I guess I'll write back here when I upload the next tutorial. Also I've noticed I have like 79 members on this site (W00t! :P) but I have 26ish subscribers (Don't get me wrong that's a cool amount) so if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet I humbly request you do it soon!
Good Luck and Happy... After Effecting? :P 

11/08/12 - WARNING! Lame Eminem reference ahead!

Guess who's back? Back again!

Yeah really I came back yesterday but I was so tired that *yawn* I just had to... *sniffle* Excuse me... Zzzz

But seriously thanks for waiting and I might make a video today but I still got a lot of working stuff out to do if that makes sense :P

Also I'd just like to add that if anyone has any ideas for new tutorials then start a thread in the forums and depending on a few factors (e.g if other people need it, if I can do it, if I've run out of ideas etc) than your idea can become a reality :)

Good luck and Happy... Zzzcripting 

18/07/12 - Oh Pokeballs

Today I have put up two videos! Don't get used to that :P I re-uploaded the Pokeballs one, hopefully now it is a lot clearer. Also I made a tutorial on how to use the door animations and scripts! It'd be great to hear how you guys use it so post somewhere on the forums about how you've used it and if it works. 
Well after that snippet of good news I have some bad news, I'm going out for roughly 20-25 days :O So no videos will be made in that time (That's why I said don't get used to two videos :P) But I'll make a video and then of course upload it as soon as possible when I get back! It'll also be Ramadhan for any of our Muslim readers 0:) So I wish you all the best in your endeavors! 
Just as a bit of a motivational tip, if you do face problems making your scripts or getting them to work, remember the fun is in solving the problem, the reward is the sense of achievement when you finally finish it. Keep these feelings in your mind and heart and you and your game will exceed all expectations
Good Luck and Happy Scripting :D

10/07/12 - Free ROM!

Made and uploaded the second part of the inserting sprites tutorial :D ... What do you mean the first one came out a day late? Psht, you guys can be so impatient :P Well I'm glad I got both parts out as I won't be with my computer on the 18th of July for 20 or so days :/ I shall try to upload as many videos as possible before that time to give you guys something to snack on! Hmm what else have I done? I added a Links section to the forums! If anything goes down then let me know rather than giving me a bad rep on the comments of my vids! :O But other than that I guess I'll be making more videos and carrying on with my hack...

Which reminds me, my current idea is rubbish :( I'll post the ROM, as far as I've got, onto the links page. When I started it I created random situations and tried to push the characters into them. Although now I know that's not the way to do things! But still tell me what you think of the ROM so far! Feel free to look at the scripts used, but I have one exception though; the Pallet Town map should not be stolen, edit it if you wish but don't just rip it off! It was my first proper fully made map that I was proud of :')

Have fun with the super short demo and happy scripting! 

07/07/12 - Inserting Sprites Success!

I just couldn't wait to say, after a long week of failure after failure, I finally managed to work out how to insert sprites into Fire Red! Although I can't make the video tutorial today as it's 11 o'clock :/  But tomorrow I will reveal the secret to inserting sprites! I must warn you though the video will probably most happily skip past 20 minutes in length so I'm not sure whether to do it in a two parter or not... Hmm I'm just blathering to myself now.

Keep updated as tomorrow another spriting related video will be uploaded! 

Saying that reminds me of the spriting trilogy. The last video is meant to be how to scratch sprite (creating sprites from scratch/imagination). As with every beginner I am finding this very difficult to do let alone explain so be patient and hopefully in a couple of weeks I will master scratch spriting :)

23/06/12 - Second Spriting Video Uploaded

Wow, there's a lot more members since I last checked... A lot more people depending on me for Advance Map related knowledge... A lot more people expecting freaky crazy good tutorials... What should I do? Create a lot more videos B-)

Well, OK thanks for that speech... The next of the trilogy spriting video is up! It did exceed my limit (It ended up being like 20 minutes long!) but most of it was just me showing off so feel free to skip over it :P I'm glad I've finally got it up, if you guys have any crazy splices you have made then post em up here on this website in the photo gallery or the forums and create a new name for you new creation. I can't wait to see some of your ideas and Poke-fusions! I know this video and the other spriting ones are not really scripting, but I've read around about ways of inserting and replacing the Pokemon images in game with your ones! So after I've learnt a bit more about that I'll definitely make another tutorial :)

Thank you again for bearing with me. Now dust off your Advance Map and Notepad...  'Cuz I'm back.

02/12/11 - College wth?

I never thought it would happen to me but somehow college workloads has managed to stop me from advance mapping as much as usual, so much in fact I haven't done anything in months! I just want to apologize to those who might be regulars (so like 1 of you :P) but like today if I get a chance to sort some stuff out I will. Sorry again!

13/09/11 - Spriting video up!

Finally I have made the spriting video! Just want to say also that I didn't expect college to have this much of an effect on me but somehow I'm just being bogged down :O But I'm going to keep trying and sorting stuff out and making tutorials so a bit of activity on this site or on my channel would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)

07/09/11 - New Video Upload/New Sprites

In case you didn't know, I don't personally upload my channel tutorials onto this website, although my handy admin MP does do it for me sometimes :P (thank you!) I'm just writing to say that the tutorial on wildbattles (or the battle when you talk to a POKeMON and you battle the POKeMON individually) is up so watch comment and do whatever you guys do!

Also I've created a new series of sprites, colour coded in black and white, with a set of cool shades. Check out the photo gallery now! 

06/09/11 - Special Codes Link Up!

Was it on my vending tutorial or some other one where I'm sure I promised to load up a notepad with some special codes on it... Whatever the reason is if you make a special visit to the links page you'll be sure to find a little notepad (so short download times!) with a few special codes on it!