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Thank you guys!

I know it makes sense to put this in the news section rather than here but... basically... this website is kind of dormant now. I love that so many people have signed up, I expect it to be because of the links and I'm OK with that :) Knowing that I'm helping is a good feeling and whenever I find out I have a new member a smile breaks out of my face (a little graphic maybe?)

Unfortunately like I said this website, I don't really use because I don't do Pokemon hacking anymore :/ Sorry!

But don't worry I'm leaving the website up and running for as long as possible and I'll try to answer any inquiries and such, well for a bit

I'm working on a game now, pokemon hacking was my first step into game design so have a look at Game Project: Eternality (it's a blogspot link) to keep up to date with me and my works! If that gets popular I might actually use my twitter account... :P

Thanks you guys! Hope you all prosper in your spriting or hacking needs, this has been AdvanceMapFreak...

Happy Hacking :) 

Welcome to AMF!

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Video Tutorials 

Yeah! By using the links to the youtube videos I've posted you can now watch the tutorials simply off this website! Feel free to skip down to the videos page and check out what we've got to show.

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Taster Video!

This link takes you to my channel where you can view my scripting taster video ! :D (For better entertainment watch with annotations/captions - From MP btw [other admin on this site])

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